Stuff that happened this week: Vaccine break up, Sargeist, Wormrot, Gorguts

It came to light this week that sadly Vaccine, definitely one of powerviolence’s deadliest forces, will be breaking up, with a simple statement that read, “Vaccine is calling it quits. 4 years, 100+ shows in 13 different countries, 40 something songs, 6 records, 2 comps…time to do something else.” The band will play three more shows, fittingly one of which is with reunited PV pioneers Infest and release one more record, a five song split 7” with No Faith. Vaccine will be sadly missed. The Human Hatred EP is a powerviolence must have and last year’s duo of 7”s in the shape of the Dead Inside EP and split with Coke Bust were quality to say the least. They certainly impressed a great deal in a short space, evidenced by their entire discography probably not hitting the 25/30 minute mark and their ferocious set in Dublin last July, which lasted about a dozen minutes. It probably won’t be long before we hear from bassist Will Killingsworth again though, chances are he already has a new band or two up his sleeve.

Sargeist aren’t releasing a new album, though it may have looked that way when a ‘new’ song appeared on the World Terror Committee Productions Soundcloud page. No, rather the label is releasing a compilation of remastered EP and split material that will be available on CD for the first time ever.  Below you can listen to the version of ‘Nightmares and Necromancy’, which appeared on the very recent release of 2011’s 7” EP The Lair of Necromancy, a strange choice considering it would make more sense to showcase an older song that had received the remaster treatment ahead of the compilation’s release. The comp, which is called The Rebirth of a Cursed Existence, will for example feature the band’s material from the 2002 split with Merrimack, which was one of Sargeist’s first releases.

Wormrot, Singapore’s finest grindcore export, have been recording something according to this image they posted on Facebook. They announced a hiatus a number of months back but with a sporadic number of shows since then, it appears the hiatus is over before it ever really started. Whatever this new recording is, it’s probably not an album, even five minutes is too short for a grind LP. Maybe it’s a new EP or material for a split, though I’d wager it’s another digital EP from Scion A/V like Noise.

And probably the best news we can end on. Gorguts have finally announced another update since August, confirming that the band is now with Season of Mist, but unfortunately, they haven’t set a name or release date just yet. Here’s the word anyway:

“It is with great joy that I announce the return of Gorguts to Season of Mist! Things have not always been easy these last couple of years, but now it’s all behind us and all I can say is that I’m more than eager to share this new record with all of you. Our forthcoming album will be a very detailed, dark, epic, emotional, conceptual record”

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