Change is good for the soul

Right, I’ve been running this blog for nigh on four years now and in the last two and half years in particular, posting has been pretty prolific, with posts up daily and sometimes even more. I mean, there were 415 posts made in 2012 and while I love posting here and the blog is my baby, this sort of frequency was never sustainable especially considering it’s a lone man operation. But calm down, this isn’t a eulogy or something, it’s not the end or anything. No, rather I’m just changing the format and putting a little more focus on quality not quantity. So for example, instead of posting every single review that’s online on CVLT Nation, Ghost Cult or Molten etc. I’ll post a summary of reviews at the end of the week… or something in that format. You dig? Of course, there will still be full reviews posted here too, like Ecocide yesterday. Similarly, with new tracks posted by bands, instead of single posts on each new track, I’ll go back to the old round-up style of news posts. Seem cool? It’ll work better I think.

I’ll probably kick this off properly next week, as for this week I have a good few posts I’d like to get through, including the continuation of the Redemption Festival previews. Cool? Cool. As always, I greatly appreciate your time in reading the words on this here blog. For more ramblings from me, I’m on Twitter @J_K9. Cheers.

It isn’t really though.

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