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Stream the SVN OKKLT compilation now

SVN OKKLT is a pretty cool blog if you’re ever looking for some lo-fi raw black metal from the underground’s murkiest of corners and holes. It was through this blog that I found some impressive demos and EPs from bands like Axis of Light, whose 2012 EP is really something, Dressed In Streams and Obscure Lupine Quietus. It’s a blog worthy of a permanent place on your RSS feed for sure and now the person (or people?) behind the blog are releasing a double cassette compilation of some of their best discoveries and most interestingly, it includes new songs from Axis of Light and Dressed In Streams no less, as well as Witch In Her Tomb and the mysterious and prolific one-man entity Jute Gyte. The rest of the bands I know nothing of, which makes this compilation all the more interesting.

You can order it HERE or simply stream the whole thing below. In particular, Axis of Light stand out once again. The Manchester band’s totally fucking nihilistic raw black metal is a sound that proudly stands out amongst a sea of similar bands that have reared their heads over the last year or two. Meanwhile, Dressed In Streams, a band from the Colloquial Sound label so you know they’re good, show up a little bit of their… dare I say it… ‘avant-garde’ side, with their dizzying keyboards and caustic yells from the abyss.

Jute Gyte serve a 13 minute slab of hypnotic BM with ‘Detritivore’. It’s manky and messy and grates the ears, serving as a reminder that I need to check out the new album, Noctis Labyrinthus, which landed on New Year’s Day. Then there’s the new (to me anyway) entities that I’m still sinking my teeth into but Eos and Tardigrada are just some of the bands that have made an immediate impression on me. Have a listen to the full compilation below:

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