John Baizley joins Converge on stage

Last Saturday, Decibel celebrated their 100th issue in style with a pretty loaded show in Philadelphia, headlined by Converge, which is hardly surprising, Converge are always venerated within the pages of the magazine. Also, on the bill was Pig Destroyer, Repulsion, Tombs, Evoken and Municipal Waste, but that’s not what this post is about. No, rather Converge played a standout track ‘Coral Blue’ from their new album All We Love We Leave Behind, with guest guitar and vocals from Baroness’ John Baizley. Of course, Baizley is still recovering from Baroness’ horrific bus accident in the UK last summer. According to various blog updates from the band, they’ve all recovered very well but these things are always baby steps of course.

Obviously, the song was filmed by a fan and lashed up on YouTube. First things first, John appears to be in good health, playing guitar and moving around as if nothing had happened, which is a great sight, especially seeing as we were used to images of him with a large cast on his arm over the last few months. As for the song, it’s an ok performance, nothing stellar, which is a slight shame considering what a great tune it is from a great album. Check it out below anyway.

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