From The Bogs of Aughiska post new track

This year, From The Bogs of Aughiska, the cold dark ambient project from the west of Ireland, will release its new album Roots of This Earth Within My Blood, a title that suggests the album’s subject matter will pick up where the self-titled left off, exploring homeland and folklore. Now, From The Bogs… is streaming a new song entitled ‘Hell Complex’, which features Gnaw Their Tongues sycophant Mories on guest vocals. First opening with a wash of seemingly familiar noise and misty black metal flourishes, the song soon takes a turn for the best/worst when Mories’ corrosive vocals start piercing through the haze of noise. Much like the debut, the song is unnerving dark ambient but with a few new twists that suggest a change or two for the next album. Have a listen below.

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