New Rotting Christ track

Perhaps Greece’s finest metal export, Rotting Christ have released a new song, ‘In Yumen / Xibalba. The song is taken from their forthcoming album Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού (True His Own Spirit, in English), which is scheduled for release on March 1st. The band’s most celebrated material is, unsurprisingly, their early output and the last few records can be divisive, much like 2010’s Aeolo and while this new song is reasonably solid and well executed it’s certainly not something to write home about unfortunately. Stream the track below.

Rotting Christ will also be at next February’s Redemption Festival in Dublin, playing an exclusively older material set, taking only from their demos and Thy Mighty Contract, Non Serviam, and Triarchy of the Lost Lovers albums.

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