Baring Teeth play new song at Violitionist session

You remember Baring Teeth, right? They released their first album in 2011 called Atrophy and it was pretty amazing. If meshing Ulcerate and Flourishing with small tasteful levels of mathcore is at all your thing then Baring Teeth are the band for you. Unfortunately, the trio has been quiet for the last while until this week where they posted a live session with Violitionist, playing two tracks from the album and most importantly – a new song entitled ‘Mountain’, which alludes to promising new things from the band, especially in that opening riff, and Andrew Hawkin’s vocals are growing leaps and bounds.

The band also explains that they are working on a new album a called Ghost Chorus Among Old Ruins. “We have two songs completed and several more in the offing, so hopefully we can finish writing by the summer and release it in the winter. Once that comes out, we plan on doing some extensive touring”, according to the interview accompanying the session. View the full interview and session HERE, or watch the video of the live performance of ‘Mountain’ below

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