Light Bearer post Silver Tongue teaser

Light Bearer who are working on their new record Silver Tongue have posted a brief four minute snippet of music with the following blurb below giving us the lowdown on what’s happening. Click HERE to listen on their Facebook. Silver Tongue is without doubt one of my most anticipated records for 2013. If you’ve read any previous posts on this blog about Light Bearer then you’ll get why.

Hey guys,

A few weeks back some people were asking for a little snippet from the new album. Unfortunately we can’t give away any more than we already have. Some people may remember the video we posted a few months back of one of the melodies but I thought it would be a nice idea to post a recorded version for people to listen to and get a feel for Silver Tongue. Much like Lucifer’s monody, this alludes to the sound of the Mitochondrial Eve on our next record. Please bare in mind that this was recorded very primitively and when it appears on the record it will be a completely different beast! (Lots of Strings, Piano and even Trumpet, Trombone and French horns!) We’re really excited and anxious to record the next chapter of the story.


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