Matt Heafy to work on black metal record… and is Ihsahn involved?

Sure to be a divisive side project for a lot of people, Trivium guitarist and vocalist Matt Heafy has announced work on a black metal record under the pseudonym of Mrityu. It was sure to gather attention anyway but let’s add BM royalty in Ihsahn to the mix and you’ll most certainly turn more heads. In a lengthy blog post, Heafy describes meeting Ihsahn recently and yearns to have the black metal figurehead produce his Mrityu record. Whether that actually happens or not is anyone’s guess but it raises an eyebrow of interest. A member of Trivium doing black metal is going to be met with much derision but Heafy’s yearning to create a black metal project actually feels quite genuine from reading the blog and if Ihsahn is involved in some shape or form then it will definitely be something worth checking out. Read the blog post HERE.

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