Mourning Beloveth offer new album update

Earlier this year, Mourning Beloveth came out of the woodwork to play the Into The Void first anniversary show in February and have since been quietly working away on a new album, Formless. The doom outfit have never been one’s to rush anything, working at a pace akin to their music, the album will be the follow-up to 2008’s A Disease for the Ages. The band has finally offered this little update on the new album as well as details on their Roadburn set next year, where they will be playing The Sullen Sulcus in its entirety. Read the post HERE but here are some of the most important bits:

Formless will be a double album, with the possibility of an acoustic track “to get your head around”. The band is recording in Wales and the album will be released through Grau.

Thematically, the album deals with “the grey matter of life we wade through each day, how there is no structure to anything anymore, nothing is defined and words are just words but have no meaning, be it in public or private life”.


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