Splitter decide to, well… split

Swedish grindcore band Splitter has decided to call it a day, unfortunately. They just released the following statement on Facebook tonight, explaining that vocalist Fredrik Thalberg left the band and the remaining members will move on to form a new band, completely separate from Splitter. Great band, you’ll be sadly missed.
Splitter are fucking dead. That is the situation unfortunately. Fredrik decided to quit the vocals for personal reasons and we felt it wouldn’t feel right to continue. We are still good friends and wish him all the best in his future. He is a very skilled musician and will keep on creating awesome music.

With that beeing said, the rest of us will continue to play but as a new band. It will not be a continuation of Splitter though. We will not play grindcore as a copy of Splitter in the future. The music will be brutal but not locked specifically to the grindcore genre. Besides that nothing is written in stone. We’ll see where we land. We will return and make an impact, that we can promise you. More info will come when the time is ripe.

Thanks for all the support during these these nine years. Thanks to all the bands we’ve played with and all the awesome promotors and organizers that helped us out. Of course a mega huge thanks to Curby and Obscene Productions/Festival for believing in us. Because of all you guys and girls we’ve had the best time of our lives. Grindcore is love!

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