Kylesa releasing rarities compilation, post new song

This year, Kylesa finished up the touring cycle for 2010’s Spiral Shadow, which means that they must be busying themselves with a new album. For now, they’re planning the release of the retrospective compilation From the Vaults Vol. 1. The release will include rarities and covers as well as one new song, ‘End Truth’, which is being streamed by Pitchfork now. The song isn’t up to a whole lot and it’s easy to hear why it didn’t make it onto any album. Regardless, the track still features Kylesa’s favoured chunky riffing as well some psychedelia to boot and Laura Pleasants’ hypnotic clean vocals really take control – a pretty inessential song overall but one that’s merely a stopgap until the new record in 2013. Click HERE for the stream.

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