Tesseract – New singer, new song

Tesseract go through vocalists like nobody’s business. Elliot Coleman left the band recently after less than a year in the ranks and there was no sign of Dan Tompkins, the voice on debut album One, coming back. So we have Ashe O’Hara (from a band called Voices from the Fuselage) fronting the band and new single ‘Nocturne’ was debuted on Daniel P. Carter’s BBC radio show The Rock Show and unsurprisingly, a rip has made its way onto YouTube, but Metal Hammer are now streaming the track officially HERE.

Vocally, Ashe O’Hara isn’t too far away from Elliot Coleman but still nothing on Tompkins. The band appears to be stepping away from any harsh vocals with ‘Nocturne’ being an all clean sung affair. The riffs are as you would expect, being that typical djenty juddering and that’s pretty much everything this song is – typical. Since One and the departure of Tompkins, the band has been out a bit a slope as far as recognition, certainly falling behind their contemporaries and this song as well as the material with Coleman is fairly symptomatic of that.

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