New Eyehategod track

It case you didn’t know, the last time Eyehategod released new music was in 2004, which was one song on their split with Cripple Bastards. That and they haven’t released an album since 2000’s Confederacy of Ruined Lives and you have one lengthy wait for some new Eyehategod. Not ones to rush themselves by any means, the NOLA sludge veterans aren’t leaping into a new album just yet, rather opting for a one song 7”, ‘New Orleans is the New Vietnam’, released by A389 Recordings. The record is up for ordering now but streaming of the track is available just down below. ‘New Orleans is the New Vietnam’ sounds just as hopeless and destitute as its title. This sickly sludge played like only Eyehategod can. Check it out for yourself.


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