New Devin Townsend track

The ever busy Devin Townsend will release his latest opus Epicloud next month and this past weekend Full Metal Jackie premiered the first insight into the album with the track ‘Lucky Animals’. Since the song leaked online, Devin has put out a call to fans to submit their videos for the single so you can now hear a quality audio version of the song below, along with details for entering the contest. The song starts at 4.05 and you can watch Devin try to dance in his garden to it as well.
Epicloud has been described by Townsend as his poppy rock record, coming from the same vein as Addicted and while that vibrancy is definitely play here with ‘Lucky Animals’, the chorus, and the song as a whole, is rather pedestrian. We know Devin is capable of better than this though.

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