New Murder Construct song

Murder Construct are a supergroup of sorts, including Cattle Decapitation vocalist Travis Ryan and Exhumed and Intronaut drummer Danny Walker alongside ex and current members of those respective bands and Phobia and Morbosidad. Having only released one EP two years ago, the deathgrind troupe will release their first full-length Results on September 3rd via Relapse Records and have debuted a new song, ‘Compelled by Mediocrity’, complete with lyric video below.
Have a read of the lyrics and it’s plain to see that Murder Construct are having a go at modern metal, and specifically djent. Peppered throughout the track are jibes such as “you were born with a silver Macbook Pro in your mouth” and “behind your 9-string, musically bluffing”. Start to finish, the song is a searing diatribe against the djent scene and million and one Periphery offshoots of the last two years.
Thankfully for Murder Construct, this new song is a little better than mediocre. It’s a solid track and serves its primary purpose as a preview for Results. However, with what is essentially a side project, Murder Construct isn’t a great deal different from Cattle Decapitation.

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