Toby Driver posts new song

The ever prolific, and always intriguing, Toby Driver has posted a new solo song ‘Grey Dream’ on the Kayo Dot Bandcamp page, having already released new albums this year with his long-time outfit Kayo Dot and the new “avant-garde”/BM-esque band Vaura, whose debut Selenelion is actually rather impressive. The details surrounding ‘Grey Dream’ are scant, much like the sparse arrangements and ambience that make up the song, but according to a post that gives a little context from Driver: “I have a series of solo songs similar to this one that some friends have been asking me to record for a while now. Here’s a bedroom version. If any label out there wants to throw a pile of money at me to fund the recording of a real, professional studio album, you know, get at me, etc.” 

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