New Slidhr track

I was banging on before about the renaissance of sorts in Irish black metal. Over the last 12 months there’s been a significant rise in the number of quality BM acts on this isle and this year alone we’ve had releases from Wound Upon Wound, Eternal Helcaraxe and Dunmharu, and Sodb’s demo is landing shortly. Anyway, the next chapter is marked by Slidhr. Frankly, my knowledge of Slidhr is scant at best but Deluge is the title of the new album coming soon on Debemur Morti Productions and a new song ‘Hex’ can be heard below. The song is a powerful blend of orthodox BM and some vague Deathspellisms, kind of like the material from the split with Clandestine Blaze with Slidhr churning out some impressive mid-paced black metal of their own. More details on the album soon.

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