New Wound Upon Wound track

Dublin black metallers, Wound Upon Wound, are streaming a new song now from their forthcoming full-length album. The track ‘Every Tongue Shall Confess’ can be heard below. It’s the second song they’ve released, after ‘Descent’ a number of months ago. This band has been evolving greatly since their 2010 EP Grievance. Along with a vocalist change, the band has allowed more leftfield BM influences like Altar of Plagues and Krallice to creep into their sound. But this 10 minute opus also opens with an almost Primordial-like riff that gives way to eerie meandering passages that tip their hat to Deathspell Omega, albeit vaguely. Regardless of the myriad influences on show here, this is an impressive taster alone from Wound Upon Wound for their first album. More details yet to come, for now check it out.

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