Jesse does Howard

Since Jesse Leach re-joined Killswitch Engage there’s been reasonable scepticism about how he would carry the KSE material with former vocalist Howard Jones. The two have both very distinct vocal styles and Jesse’s approach to the newer material would be watched with a keen eye. Well, Killswitch have played a few shows now with Jesse back up front and finally some pro-shot footage is available from last weekend’s Rock AM Ring festival in Germany. Some clips are streaming on Roadrunner’s site HERE and you can check out the performance of ‘Rose of Sharyn’ below, one of Howard’s biggest songs with the band.
The sound quality from the stage is a little lacking at times, but the vocals from Jesse sound great. He hasn’t tampered with the song in any way, and sounds like… well, Jesse. It’s heartening to see him pull off this material so strongly, approaching another person’s songs with respect.

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