Second new Panopticon song streaming

Last week Decibel debuted the first taster of the new Panopticon album, Kentucky, with ‘Bodies Under The Falls’, and now Hammer Smashed Sound are streaming another new song, ‘Black Soot and Red Blood’ along with a detailed and intriguing review of the album. If you’ve read anything about this record, you’ll know that it’s quite emotionally charged with the tales of Kentucky coal mine workers. Panopticon’s music has always been political and this is just a new shape of that, and the concept looks at the miners’ struggle with governments and unions. ‘Black Soot and Red Blood’ once again shows how Austin Lunn has beautifully meshed black metal with American folk music, specifically old coal miner songs on this record. Coupled with a powerful protest account sample, this song is, much like all of Panopticon’s albums, unnervingly intense and affecting. Listen to the song below and check back soon for the review.

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