So, that new Down song…

Ok ok! I’m finally posting this. The new Down song has been spreading fervently online over the last 48 hours, much like lice in a playschool. If you missed it, Down played a new song live this week called ‘The Misfortune Teller’. It’s taken from their new EP which will be released in late summer, apparently. The band is working on a series of four EPs, one a year, each exploring a facet of the band’s sound.
One of the problems with this performance is that in typical Anselmo fashion, he stops the song to motivate the crowd some more and the band even lose time of the song and have to stop to gather their bearings. It somewhat hampers your chance to soak the track in. However, ‘The Misfortune Teller’, from what we can hear, sounds like Down doing what Down do best. Last album, Over The Under, came out in 2007 so a new release is long, long overdue.

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