Cryptopsy perform new song live

We all know the score with Cryptopsy’s last album, The Unspoken King. Die hards hated it… ok, a lot of people hated it, including many casual Cryptopsy fans. Why? The band took a detour into near-deathcore territory, laden with keyboard passages and breakdowns, as well as clean singing from then new vocalist, Matt McGachy. Unfortunately, the guy got off to a bad start with first impressions. In short, this wasn’t the same band that released None So Vile. But four years later, original guitarist Jon Levassuer has returned to the band and a new album is in the works. Now, we have this clip of the band performing a new song live – ‘Amputated Enigma’.
First off, the sound quality of this live clip leaves a lot to be desired. The levels keep hopping up and down so passing any kind of serious judgement on this song is going to be bullshit, to be frank. What is certain from the video though is that the band is not maintaining the path that The Unspoken King trod on.

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