Storm Corrosion release first video

At long bloody last! We can hear a full Storm Corrosion song. To say this project has been highly anticipated would be the understatement of the century. The collaboration between Mikael Akerfeldt and Steven Wilson has been in the making for over ten years, but what does it sound like? Well, it doesn’t take anything explicitly from the sounds of Porcupine Tree or Opeth, but is rather a unique sound inflected with flourishes of the men’s respective bands. There are no drums, there are no riffs, Storm Corrosion’s first song ‘Drag Ropes’ is a ten minute atmospheric soundscape journey. There are delicate guitar lines and faint percussion, and of course Mikael and Steven’s delicate soothing vocals, all of which build methodically in captivating tension. The two have clearly taken much inspiration from the ambient sides of their love of 70s prog and there are even some sparse sounding atmospherics that are oddly reminiscent of moments on the last maudlin of the Well album, Part The Second. What happens on Storm Corrosion’s album, out on May 8th, is anyone’s guess at this stage.
Secondly, the animated video is stunning piece of work, directed by Jessica Cope. Entangled in the song is a concept of lost love, taken away in some rather twisted circumstances, all of which is revealed in the 10 minute video you can watch below. The music and visuals very much complement each other to superb effect.

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