So, a third new Meshuggah song

Scion A/V are streaming a new Meshuggah song right now, the opening track off their stunning new record, Koloss. ‘I Am Colossus’ is also available for free download so by all means, check out this crushing, slow burning number from the influential Swedes and read what drummer, Tomas Haake had to say about the song below. My full review and thoughts on the record will be in the next issue of Molten Magazine. It appears that this download was hurriedly made available in response to the record leaking online this week. Perhaps this will sate the people that are still waiting for their copy to arrive in the mail or whatever but realistically, they’re a tiny minority. Regardless, Koloss is monumental record for Meshuggah in a time where they needed to reassert their greatness and it may be an album that kickstarts a new era for the band as a creative entity.
“’I Am Colossus’ is way more straightforward than the thrash metal we grew up with. At the same time, it does pose its own difficulties for us as players. It will probably be one of the first songs we attempt to play on tour. The solo – which is basically two long notes that are slow bends – just turned out beautiful. Such an understatement as a guitar solo. Sometimes a slow song is just as aggressive as a fast one.”

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