Irish BM: Sodb debut demo track

Yesterday’s serving of new Irish black metal from Eternal Helcaraxe just wasn’t enough because Sodb have premiered a new song now too. The still relatively new black metal outfit, featuring Altar of Plagues drummer Johnny King as well as former and current members of The Dagda and Fuck You Written in Shit, are preparing the release of their first demo and have debuted this new song, ‘Old and Withered Form’. With some pretty impressive gigs under their belt over the last year, this demo has to be a rather anticipated one. It is for me anyway. Of all the times I caught them live they were just killer. This razor sharp offering is a beast from start to finish, doing them some justice both in brutality and the eerie shades of melody that scamper underneath. The four track cassette will be available soon and the band is playing at The Siege of Limerick.

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