Wage Slave streaming two new songs

Californian grinders Wage Slave have been quiet for some time but that silence has been broken tonight. The band will release their first full-length later this year, entitled Career Suicide, the follow-up to 2010’s self-released EP. Currently, they are streaming two new pre-productions songs.
The EP was an average listen at best. It just didn’t alight like these new songs because these two tracks just slay. It’s strange to think that these are the pre-production offerings as their delivery is unavoidably slick and avoiding the grimy production that often typifies grindcore. The two songs, ‘Ninety Nine to One’ and ‘Everyone’s Always Dying On Mondays (A Tale of Privatized Healthcare)’ can be streamed below and here’s hoping that the post-production versions don’t suck them of an vitality as often the studio sheen can do. The LP will be released by Cult of Melancholia.

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