Grey Waters are laid to rest

Here’s some rather dull news for your Saturday afternoon, Grey Waters have called it quits. The reasons stated being that since 2010’s magnificent Below The Ever Setting Sun EP, nothing has really been done to advance the release of the full-length. Here’s the statement that D and Tim (Germ) released today:
“We regret to announce today, that we have decided to lay Grey Waters to rest. Nothing has happened with the band for over 18 months now, and we feel it is best to go our separate ways. However, this is far from the end of the road for the material that was to make up the debut full length album! Material intended for this album will resurface from both D. and Tim, under a new name from D., and through Germ from Tim.
“We wish to sincerely thank everyone who supported Grey Waters, and hope you continue to do so whatever paths we take in the not too distant future.
D. & Tim

Only recently was I thinking about this band and how they had been so quiet and that’s been addressed now, which is rather unfortunate. However, D.’s main band, Woods of Desolation are working on a new record to follow up last year’s wondrous Torn Beyond Reason

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