New Drudkh track

Ukraine black metallers turned a few heads in 2010 with their Handful of Stars album, which saw the band veer towards a shoegaze-eqsue element. The album certainly divided opinions. Now, the band is ready to release to release their next record, Eternal Turn of the Wheel and are streaming one new song entitled ‘When Gods Leave Their Emerald Halls’. It’s streaming now on the Season of Mist FBpage or just down below.
Eternal Turn of the Wheel has been billed as Drudkh’s return to their roots album, and a semblance of their past is definitely strong in this song but this is still the same band that wrote Handful of Stars. And don’t be fooled, despite its new direction, HOS was a great record, and so should Eternal Turn of the Wheel. But it’s looking those pining for Autumn Aurora will again be disappointed.

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