Woods of Desolation working on new album

It’s time for another news post with a Facebook screen cap…
If all goes to plan, a new Woods of Desolation album will be released this year. I have spent the past months HEAVILY writing for this record, and it’s now roughly 75% written – but there is still much to do. I wonder if you are ready for what is about to be created…Stay tuned.
Woods of Desolation, the Australian one man black metal outfit, hopes to release a new record this year, so soon after 2011’s Torn Beyond Reason, which featured on the end of year list here for good reason. By far, it was the best Woods of Desolation’s release yet and one of the premier black metal albums of the year. This follow-up couldn’t come sooner. Torn Beyond Reason was aided greatly by its slick production job, which gave the record an even bigger and ambitious sound. I can’t wait to hear what D. has planned next with the album.

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