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Cosmic Winds: The ZOM demo

Just before 2011 came to an end, Dublin’s ZOM released their first slab of wicked death metal in their five song demo tape, via Invictus Productions. From gigging quite frequently for several months the band really garnered plenty of attention in the Dublin underground, impressive considering their first show was only in June, but featuring members of the now defunct Crowd Control helped too. This reputation was proven by the demo selling out in just about a week. Invictus are all out and you won’t find any more at upcoming gigs either. Your only chances lie with some distros that may have copies, Germany’s Iron Bonehead being one of them.

It doesn’t surprise me that the demo sold out, as the band’s visceral live set was more than enough to entice people. Their brand of primal death metal has been a treat, and has somewhat created a buzz similar to the Lethiferous demo in 2010. I’m not comparing the two sonically but they do both have a relating aesthetic but ZOM’s output has proven even better, aided of course by the fact that they play live. In fact, a split between Lethiferous and ZOM doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all, come to think of it.
On the demo, ‘The Horror From Beyond’ (assumingly not the unfortunate misprint ‘byeond’ on the tape sleeve) kicks in after a seething, harrowing intro with a colossal clang of guitars and drums. From there, ZOM power through their grim, evil death metal with deep, corrosive vocals drenched in reverb. The production is suitably coarse with no frills or sheen and only adds to the barbarity.
ZOM will surely tickle the urges you most likely have, or should have, for very early Morbid Angel and dabbles of Beherit. You’re probably a tad upset now aren’t you; I’ve described this wonderful demo to you only for it to be sold out. Well, CVLT Nation just happens to be streaming the demo right now in its entirety. Check it out HERE. Perhaps someday in the future there’ll be a re-press, more people need to hear this and the quick sell out suggests that there will be.

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