Iron Maiden + Sikth =

In a strange collaboration, Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith has joined forces with former Sikth vocalist Mikee Goodman for the project, Primal Rock Rebellion. As the blurb puts it: “The forthcoming album fuses together two very different approaches to music – Mikee’s unique vocal tones and dark, yet colourful lyrics, and Adrian’s instantly recognisable guitar melodies and song writing prowess.”
The new project has released the first snippet of new material in the song ‘I See Lights’, which is taken from the album due for release next month. Listen to the song below. Adrian Smith also plays bass for the album, which will see other session musicians including Abi Fry from Bat For Lashes. “It was interesting doing this album with Mikee not least because we have quite different influences. I was really pleased with the way it turned out. It has a really fresh feel to it,” says Smith.

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