New old Steven Wilson song

Early in the week, Steven Wilson posted a previously unreleased song on his Soundcloud page. Entitled ‘Cut Ribbon’, the song was originally intended for a metal project he was working on with Opeth’s Mikael Akerfeldt in 2001. Since then the two’s relationship has expanded with various collaborations in the mixing and producing of Opeth albums. Of course the two have been scheduled to work together for many years and finally did so in late 2010 and throughout 2011 with the working title Storm Corrosion. An album from the project is rumoured for release next year. While it’s completely unrelated to Storm Corrosion, here’s ‘Cut Ribbon’ for your enjoyment.

“Cut Ribbon is now available on my Soundcloud page. This song was written for a planned metal style collaboration with Mikael Åkerfeldt in 2001, but this is a more recent version, made during the Grace For Drowning album sessions. Over the last 10 years it’s been the orphan song, destined to never fit in with anything else I was doing. Previously only available on the SW iPhone app, now here it is for you to download / listen to in full resolution (well CD resolution anyway, 44.1K 16 bit). Enjoy!”

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