Pelican working on a new record, new song

Pelican are working away on new material, tentatively scheduled for release early next year on Southern Lord. The band is working with former Isis drummer Aaron Harris in his studio, and were just tracking drums in the past few days. But it doesn’t end there, the band recently played a new song live, as yet untitled. Check out this live video that was only uploaded only a few days ago.
This is supposedly one of two new songs they played in the set. As the name of the video suggests, it’s faster than a lot of Pelican’s material but still maintains their distinctive sound. What hits you straight away is how heavy it is compared to the band’s most recent output. Unfortunately, this live clip is riddled with some cackling noises that inhibit us fully hearing the song but it certainly gives us a positive taster of things to come.
Interestingly, the news of this recording has merely referred to it as a “release” so it’s unclear whether or not Pelican are actually writing and recording a new full-length album, to follow up 2009’s What We All Come To Need. It may be another EP and possibly servings for a split. It’s fair to say most fans are hoping for a new album but any new Pelican is good Pelican.

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