New Lethiferous tracks, album info

After last year’s well-received demo, Iain Andrew’s Lethiferous will return with its first full length album, Tongues of Scourge. You can listen to two new songs below, ‘Nauseation’ and the title track. The new record of filth-ridden black metal will feature five new songs as well as two covers of Order From Chaos and Damnation. Here’s the full track list:
1) Nauseation
2) Neuropathy
3) Tongues of Scourge
4) The Antidote
5) Dawn Bringer Invictus [Order From Chaos cover]
6) Monument (Vermin Swarm)
7) Insulter of Jesus Christ [Damnation Cover]
The demo set some ripples upon its release so surely this full-length will only heighten interest. Strangely, Andrew is still searching for a label to release the record. Surely someone should get on that pronto. 

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