New Pain of Salvation song

Now, this one is going to be interesting. Swedish prog rock band, Pain of Salvation will be releasing their new album, Road Salt Two later this month, the follow-up to 2010’s Road Salt One. ‘Conditioned’ is streaming now on the band’s Facebook page. Last year’s record was divisive, with the band distancing themselves from their metal aspects in favour of a heavily 70s influenced rock vibe. When the band posted the artwork for the second instalment of Road Salt, there were theories that the quite contrasting cover to its predecessor hinted to a heavier record this time around.
‘Conditioned’ has somewhat proven that to be wrong. This new song wouldn’t have sounded one bit out of place on Road Salt One. Daniel Gildenlow, vocalist and all-round band leader, has seemingly wanted to construct a two-album journey that explores this style. Of course, Pain of Salvation has never been a band to stagnate on one sound for too long so making two similar albums in a short space of time seems bizarre. Now, granted, ‘Conditioned’ is merely one song from the album. Let’s not count chickens, as they say.

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