New Fuck The Facts track

One of grindcore’s finest, Fuck The Facts are streaming a new track, ‘Drift’, now on Relapse Records’ Soundcloud. The song is taken from their forthcoming new full-length album, Die Miserable. Guitarist Topon Das stated recently that this new album was going in a more death metal oriented direction and that seems to have come to fruition, at least on this track.

Meanwhile, Mel Mongeon’s vocals are as caustic and corrosive as ever with the wall of riffs and unyielding drumming still being utterly pummelling, as if you would expect anything less, but the song clocks in at slightly longer time than usual. Listen to the track below and also check out the artwork for Die Miserable, which is released on October 11th.

FUCK THE FACTS – Drift by RelapseRecords

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