Dan Tompkins out of Tesseract?

On Saturday night, the rumour mill became very much live with fan reports, thanks to this wondrous internet thingy, from Tesseract’s intimate Milton Keynes show that the band was performing with a new vocalist. Got-Djent has been covering the reports intensely and that singer has now been confirmed as Elliot Coleman from Sky Eats Airplane and Of Man Not Of Machine. A fan filmed video can be viewed below.

Got-Djent is alleging that Tompkins has received an offer to join a pop group. No confirmation is emerging as to whether Coleman is the new full-time vocalist.

If all this information proves to be true it is a real shame as Tompkins, as mentioned before, is a stunning singer with fantastic range that fitted into the Tesseract sound so beautifully. Add to that, Sky Eats Airplane, Elliot Coleman’s band, are atrocious. Of Man Not Of Machine meanwhile, aren’t as poor. Regardless, Elliot Coleman is no Dan Tompkins.

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