Another Mastodon taster streaming

Mastodon is streaming another new track from The Hunter, called ‘Curl of the Burl’. Scroll on down for a listen now. There’s a surreal bounce to this track with a chorus that could very well be destined for rock radio and Brent Hinds is killing it on vocals here. Judging by this and previously released track, ‘Black Tongue’, Mastodon appear to be edging away from the overt prog of Crack The Skye and Blood Mountain.

‘Curl of the Burl’ is a much more instant number, with hooks that rear their head immediately opposed to the often required multiple listens that has characterised Mastodon’s output before. It’ll be a divisive decision, but whether not that has carried through to same extent on the rest of the album remains to be seen… or heard, rather.

Mastodon – Curl Of The Burl by FudgieTheGodDamnWhale

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