Twatting about

Yep, Twatting about is back with a look at some of the ramblings in Twitter over the last few days.

Death Ray Vision, the new band featuring members of Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall and Overcast, released their debut EP earlier this year, Get Lost or Get Dead. Now the band’s frontman, and Shadows Fall frontman too, Brian Fair has confirmed that the band is demoing some new material.

Perhaps too much is being read into this but this is re-tweet from Mike Portnoy’s new band Adrenaline Mob. Have a look:

A Dramatic Turn of Events
is, of course, the title of the new Dream Theater album, coming out next month. This fan has his opinion, but a re-tweet implies that the ‘re-tweeter’ agrees with the sentiment, and if Portnoy is involved in that then it just seems very petty and just plain immature, especially coming from a man that stated recently “it’s painful” for him to listen to new Dream Theater music. “I guess I’ll reserve comment on those [new songs] just because whatever I say — whether it be good, bad or indifferent — it’s probably gonna come across wrong and it will be completely dissected and misinterpreted. So let’s leave it at ‘no comment’,” he continued. (SOURCE)

Of course, there is no confirmation that Portnoy indeed mans the Adrenaline Mob Twitter account at all. It may very well be one of the other members or a manager /PR type that is simply doing their job.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Adrenaline Mob yet, listen to the album teaser below:

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