London riots hit Basick Records

As you’re probably well aware, London was plunged into a third night of violence last night as rioting and looting continued. In the chaos, a Sony warehouse based in north London was set ablaze. A large number of stock including CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays were destroyed, this included stock distributed from UK label Basick Records, the home of Monuments, Chimp Spanner and Uneven Structure. The stock razed affects several other labels. Keep an eye of Basick’s Twitter for updates.

(Photo: Reuters. News story HERE)

Last night marked the third night of violence in the city, which has spread to countless areas now. Many businesses and homes were set ablaze as looting continued on shops, and a huge strain is being put on police and fire services. If you’re reading this in London, stay safe and away from the violence. All the best.

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