Some insight into new Fuck The Facts record

Hands down, one of the best and most interesting grind bands of the last few years is Canada’s Fuck The Facts. They are a band that consistently release punishing but at the same time provocative grind with an experimental edge. Listen to, in particular, their record Stigmata High-Five or the split EP with Leng T’che if you’re not convinced, or anything really from their extensive discography.

Guitarist Topon Das gave an excellent interview recently with Metal Injection where he revealed some details about the next Fuck The Facts album, Die Miserable, which will be released through Relapse Records. Das mentions that the album is more on the “metal” end of things, regarding long song durations for the album. Die Miserable will also feature, in one of the special edition packages, a bonus EP with more new material that includes guest vocal performances from Elliot Desganés from Beneath The Massacre and KEN mode’s Jesse Matthewson.

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Watch the interview here:

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