New Kayo Dot album coming in a ballsy move

Toby Driver, the man behind avant-garde outfit Kayo Dot, posted an interesting blog entry earlier regarding the next album, to follow up last year’s Coyote album and Stained Glass EP. The band will be playing a live show consisting entirely of new material, which will then be subjected to “a million overdubs” and ta-da! a new Kayo Dot record. This is post:

“NEW Kayo Dot material!!! We have a very special concert lined up on October 5, 2011 at Littlefield in Brooklyn, NY. At this concert, we’re going to play a full set of all-new material and record the whole thing. Afterward, we’re going to take these recordings home and do a million overdubs. This will be our next album. We hope that as many of you as possible can come to this show, especially because there will be some audience participation, which will be crucial to the sound of the record! That’s at Littlefield, Brooklyn NY, October 5, 2011, 7PM, openers TBA.”

Needless to say it is a brave move, but then again Kayo Dot, maudlin of the Well and every other Driver project has never been short on ambition. The only issue is that a million and one things can potentially go wrong during a live show, which may hamper the end product that is the album. However, fans undoubtedly will be confident in the band’s meticulousness to every single detail that nothing catastrophic will happen.

Furthermore, Driver says there will be “some audience participation”, which needless to say piques one’s interest. Check out the rest of the blog post HERE for details on Kayo Dot’s touring plans as well as vinyl reissues.


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