Opeth track finds its way onto the internet

Christ on a bike! Today is a busy day! Firstly, Neurosis were incredible last night so I’m still in awe of that, but now both Mastodon and Opeth have released new tracks days, as well as Hexis who have released two. To start, we’ll discuss the leak of this new Opeth track, ‘The Devil’s Orchard’. The song was aired on radio recently and was taken from the broadcast, so the sound quality is not the finest.

If you haven’t been following it, the new Opeth album is going to be completely clean in the vocal department and with Mikael Akerfeldt venturing even deeper into his love of 70s prog, a la Camel.

What first hits you with this song is the riffs, unlike most of Opeth’s material, the jarring heaviness isn’t there. There’s still certainly a lot going on in the track and Akerfeldt’s clean vocals are staggering as always. On its own, ‘The Devil’s Orchard’ isn’t igniting too much, but where that slots into the grand scheme of the whole album of Heritage could change everything.

Stick around for the thoughts on the new Mastodon song later on.

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