Old Silver Key song posted

Old Silver Key is the intriguing pairing of Alcest’s Neige and Drudkh mainman Roman Sayenko. They’ll be releasing their debut album Tales of Wanderings on September 16th. Right now you can listen to the first salvo from the record, ‘Burnt Letters’. Listen below.

After Drudkh’s venture into pseudo-shoegaze black metal last year with Handful of Stars this project doesn’t surprise too much as it keeps very much in the vein that Neige has been occupying for some time. In fact, ‘Burnt Letters’ has much in common with his short lived shoegaze band Amesoeurs, but it feels a little weak. The atmosphere is heavy and Neige’s vocals are so distinct but ‘Burnt Letters’ doesn’t catch you Alcest would, or even like Handful of Stars.

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