New Alpinist track

There’s a much deserved spotlight on German crust ragers Alpinist right now, with the Southern Lord re-release of their last two albums, Lichtlaerm and Minus.Mensch being wildly received. Next month sees the release of their split LP with fellow crust band, Masakari, from Cleveland. The LP can now be pre-ordered at Halo of Flies.

Before the LP drops, the site Crustcake is streaming a new song from Alpinist, ‘Subjection’ from the split, along with Masakari’s ‘Hexenhammer’. Unsurprisingly, the track is a furious, two-minute long frenzy like pretty much all of Alpinist’s output, hinting to more great things from the band. At this moment there’s no information on whether or not Alpinist are working on a new full length, however the band have a heavy touring schedule currently ahead of them. Listen to ‘Subjection’:

02 Subjection by crustcake

Click HERE to listen to ‘Hexenhammer’, and also check out the artwork:

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