Twatting about

Here are two interesting ‘news stories’ that have just been pulled from various Twitter accounts:

Leicester’s Diet Pills, who recently released their LP (reviewed HERE by the way), posted earlier tonight that they will be releasing a split 7” with German hardcore band Grinding Halt.

It should be a dirty as fuck record, given the sickliness of Diet Pills’ LP. Also, Grinding Halt released a great split 10” with Drainland last year, their side being very much on the visceral, speedier end of things.

Now, flipping things completely in another direction. A tweet from Scale The Summit’s Chris Letchford revealed that he is in the process of writing a jazz record, stating, “Played guitar until 530am last night. Got some good stuff written for my jazz record! Excited!”

Some following tweets to fans’ questions included: “It’s more a “contemporary clean” guitar album, than a traditional jazz record… but I know it will be classified [as] jazz”. Also, some loose notions of a timeframe for its release in “I don’t have as much time to work on it as i would like due to all the touring. Before the end of the year is the plan!”

Scale The Summit released their third album in March, The Collective, which was a stunning piece of work and more than suitable follow-up to 2009’s Carving Desert Canyons, a record that garnered a lot of attention for the band. Have a listen to ‘Black Hills’ below:

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