New Chimaira tracks

Metalcore stalwarts Chimaira have posted two new tracks online. The band has been somewhat up in the air in the last few months, shedding members like a dog sheds hair with only Mark Hunter, Rob Arnold and Matt DeVries remaining. With a new bassist, keyboardist and drummer now in tow, the band set about a new record, the follow-up to 2009’s very patchy, The Infection. In fact, Chimaira have been rather patchy for some time, never quite returning to the flurry of their Impossibility of Reason and self-titled days.

These two new songs, ‘Trigger Finger’ and ‘Born In Blood’ can be heard below. To be frank, both songs trudge along aimlessly with nothing that truly piques your interest. The riffs are predictable and the themes are quite mundane. It feels very much phoned in.

Click HERE to listen to ‘Born In Blood’

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