New Revocation track

Revocation are being watched attentively now. After a couple of records and signing with Relapse, there’s something of a hype to the tech-death metallers now, and with a new album in Chaos of Forms, coming August 16th, that interest has grown. The band has posted a new song online now over on Guitar World, called ‘No Funeral’.

To be honest, Revocation have only come to the attention of The Grind That Annoys is recent weeks. Yes, how silly of me, but better late than never. This track sounds solid though but one can’t help but feel that the song sounds a little lost at the start and end, perhaps indicating a nice flow on the album, which is only a good thing. The main body of the track though is rife with vehement riffs and a chorus constructed for the live setting, not to mention the killer solos.

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