New Machine Head track

Needless to say, a new Machine Head track is big news in the metal world. You don’t need that explained to you. Last week the band announced that today they would release ‘Locust’ on the world, the first snippet of new music since 2007’s The Blackening. Unfortunately for them, over the weekend some various versions of the track were leaked online and swiftly removed by Roadrunner but here we are now with the track, officially, released.

At seven minutes, and straight from the off, it’s clear that Machine Head are maintaining much of the grandeur that characterised The Blackening. All the components that make Machine Head Machine Head are intact on ‘Locust’, from Robb Flynn’s fairly unmistakeable bellow to the winding lead guitars.

After the intro, the track plummets into a familiar groove before giving way to a clean chorus that’s been crafted for the live setting. Frankly, ‘Locust’ only alludes to great things to come from the next album. Machine Head have quite the task in front of them for following up The Blackening and at least now, hopes are high and have a valid reason to be.

Listen to the track below:

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